Sunday, July 22, 2012

Greetings from the Dourdan Community

The day begins and ends with personal meditation and the Liturgy of the Hours. 

With the sisters tending the garden, the flowers bloom all around!

The summer heat makes it inviting for the sisters to enjoy the outdoors.

The sisters have an outdoor July 4th Independence Day celebration! Sister Sabitha together with Sister Conchi and Sister Lissiue enjoy a traditional all-American cookout!

The sizzling summer temperature leads the sisters to have a picnic and spend a relaxing day in a quiet, secluded place at the beach near the Sackonet Bridge in Portsmouth, MA.

Some sisters “dress down” and  put on their “play clothes” for the day. That’s Sister Sabitha and Sister Conchi frolicking in the water! 

Sisters Hai, Sabitha and Conchi enjoy a full day of fun in and out of the water!