Sunday, November 27, 2011

Associates of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation

Vision Statement:

Called to follow Christ through a deepeing of their commitment to the Gospel, Lay Associates are men and women who believe that their own life and their relationship with God can be enriched by sharing with the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation.

United with th sisters through their lay vocation in the Church, associates share their gifts and talents "in the service of charity," entering in their own unique way into the mission, charism and spiritual traditions of Blessed Marie Poussepin and St. Dominic.

Mission Statement:

Associates of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation participate in the charism of Blessed Marie Poussepin while maintaining their own vocation and lifestyle. Committed to deeping their prayer life,involvement in their parishcommunity,and the service of charity, Associates share in the mission and spirituality of the Congregation. Both Associates and Vowed members mutually support, enrich and challenge each other to live the fulnessof their repsonse to the Gospel in today's world.