Friday, August 23, 2013

Happenings at Saint Anne's Community

We would like to share with you some events of the past several months in our community.  Sr. Maria Teresa, Sr. Carole and Sr. Karen are very busy with their ministries at Saint Anne’s Hospital.  Sr. Karen returned from the CEMP in May and was happy to be able to share her experience with everyone.  We are also happy to be back together once again.

 During these hot summer months we have enjoyed the visits of several of our sisters.

We welcomed Sr. Ruth Yelitza and Sr. Ana Eriselda Antonio and spent the day with them visiting Plymouth Plantation.  We began with a short film on the colonists coming from England on the Ship the Mayflower and landing in Plymouth in 1620.  We saw the Plymouth Rock and visited the Plantation which is a working replica of the village of Pilgrims during the early 1600’s. We visited the houses and spoke with the Pilgrims and saw them working on their pottery, their leather making and other crafts.  We also met with the Native Americans and they shared with us about themselves. The visit finished with a picnic lunch on the shady grounds of the Plantation. We returned to our community and enjoyed a barbecue together.  It was a beautiful day.

We also invited Sr. Anne Marie to our community to say good-bye before she left for her new community in Washington, DC.  We all enjoyed the lasagna and were happy to be together.  We assure her of our prayers as she begins this new time in her journey in a new community.

 Sr. Margarita de Santa Maria visited us on a Sunday in July.  We enjoyed her company and after Sunday dinner spent an enjoyable afternoon in Newport.

We were also very happy to welcome Sr. Rosario Amelia Garces, General Councilor and Sr. Leopoldina Mendoza, Secretary General to our community for Vespers and Supper.  There was much sharing and we then took a ride to Newport where we walked along the ocean on the Cliff Walk.

Fanny Tzhorz, the former Manager of Interpreter Services at Saint Anne’s Hospital, came to our community to present to Sr. Maria Teresa Gomez and Sr. Marina Carrascal the Lifetime Achievement Certificate from the International Medical Interpreters Association.  They received this award in recognition of their contribution as Medical Interpreters at Saint Anne’s Hospital.  We celebrated with a festive meal with Sr. Vimala and Sr. Maria Paulina also present.  Congratulations to both sisters for their dedicated gift of self in this ministry.

Sr. Carole relaxes by working in the garden and nurturing the tomatoes and both Sr. Maria Teresa and Sr. Carole enjoy relaxing by playing a card game of rummy with each other.

That’s about all for now and we keep all of you in our daily prayers.