Thursday, October 31, 2013

Outing to the Mohawk Trail

We are happy to share with you about our outing on the Mohawk Trail on Monday, October 14th, the Feast of Our Mother Foundress.  

We celebrated with a trip to see the foliage in western Massachusetts along the route known as the Mohawk Trail. 

We were sisters from all four communities in the area: from Dighton – Sr. Ana Maria, from Dourdan – Sr. Sabitha, Sr. Ana, and Sr. Norbeta, from St. Anne’s – Sr. Maria Teresa, Sr. Carole, Sr. Karen and Sr. Glorina and from Providence – Sr. Marina. 

We left early in the morning and took our time driving and enjoying all the sights.  We had brought our picnic lunch and since it was a beautiful day, we ate outside at one of the parks in North Adams. 

We also enjoyed visiting a park with a natural bridge and waterfall.  It was a great time had by all.  These are some of the photos that we took.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Reflection

 Something in the air tells us a new season is at our door. 
            It sounds like:  
    "Knock Knock"     Who's there?    Orange
    "Knock Knock"      Who's there?    Orange
    "Knock Knock"     Who's there?    Orange                                                             and Gold.  
              Red and her friend Yellow                                                              

Go ahead and open the door wide.  Fling it wide and step outside.
         Step outside your busyness, take slow deep breaths and allow yourself to see
         with the eyes of your soul.

Autumn is the season of letting go.  Some see the dying.  Try to see the dormition.
         The leaves are not afraid.     We needn't be either.    Allow the Spirit to come. 
         Trust that in the end all shall be well

        Let's conclude with part of the Autumn Equinox Fire Prayer in Fr. Hay's Planetary Pilgrim:

                                     Autumn fire, orange and yellow sacrament of the sun,
                                         light up the darkness with your dancing.
                                     Your power is seeded in the ripeness
                                         of the fruit and grain of this harvest season.
                                      Great is God, whose heart is the shrine
                                           wherein lives the whole universe;
                                           great is your heart, my Beloved,
                                           greater still is your unceasing love for me. 
                                    May my love for You enflame my every word of thanksgiving
                                           to reflect the golden beauty of autumn
                                            that the earth dons once again.     Amen.