Sunday, September 29, 2013

News from Sr. Anne Marie Legendre

Hello to everyone! Here I am in Washington D.C. trying to get myself oriented to this city.

So far I am volunteering at Catholic Charities on Monday where there is a program to match patients with specialists. A referral comes from the Catholic Spanish Center over the computer to our building requesting an appointment with a specialist – Cardiologist, Neurologist, etc. It is our job to look at the list of volunteering specialists and obtain an appointment for that patient with the needed specialist. In this way the patient only needs to pay a small sum if any at all.

On Tuesday I volunteer at St. Anthony food pantry. I help to bag the fresh produce that is brought from the food bank so as to have it ready for Wednesday.

Then on Wednesday I help to sign the people into the food pantry or help to give out the food to the people. It reminds me of Marie's Place except that I am giving out food instead of clothes.
During the week I attend Mass at a small chapel at St. Anthony's parish. At first, there was only one man who was the lector every day. Then one day, the pastor of the parish asked for volunteers to help him. Now I share in being lector every other day so that he is not alone.

Well, this is what I am doing at present. I don't know what the future will bring.