Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Tribute to Patricia (Pat) Taylor by Mary Lou Collard

Pat, you knew me for many years.  First as a member of a spiritual growth group.
You became enlivened by the words of the Bible and were inspired to become more and more a bit of a Bible scholar.

We entered prayer and discussion with the book Seasons of  the Heart by Macrina Weidecker among other books guided by our beloved Sister Carole.

And you grew more in your love of Jesus.   The Father, Son and Holy Spirit became your source of strength and reliance as your health deteriorated and disappointments deepened.  

I could see you clinging to the Hands of your Creator and mine; believing and trusting even though it must have seemed futile at times. 

So how should we know you?    A lover of music, natural and man made?
 A person justly proud of your pretty, welcoming little house in the Dighton woods?

A lady who was never heard to criticize or find fault with others.
Someone who had traveled the world as a guide bringing tourists and yourself to a global awareness. 

A person who could not bring yourself to hurt anyone else by deed or words, even when that person may have unwittingly hurt you.
An environmentalist concerned about all things living.
A person who suffered so deeply in areas you seldom mentioned: mind and heart.

How many even know of the beloved little daughter you lost. 
A mother losing her child-----

You had given these over to Jesus many times.  Perhaps you were able to offer your sufferings for the rest of us.
Please offer them for us now.  And please forgive those who may have injured you, including me.

I would have been by your side at the hospital, but was not aware you were so close  until it was too late.
If I may be so bold, I also offer your suffering to Jesus for our souls and pray that you be brought speedily into the loving arms for Whose embrace you have longed.

I remember dear friend,( yes I am your friend, though a poor example of one), your trying in vain to teach me the basics of chess.  And then there was always that warm tea we would share in your home.
Your lovely 3 season room in the spring and summer was more welcoming than anything a fancy mansion could offer.  

I recall you at my wedding laughing and  enjoying yourself in the company of Sisters Joanna, Paulina, Lucia and Carole.  My family thought you were all having the most fun of all.  (Except for me and George I hope)
It did not go unnoticed that you had given a gift from your want like the poor widow in the gospels.  Those glasses and cassarole were cherished all the more for it.

Your devotion to your aunt is inspiring  and how wonderful the surprise you had from her when you told her you could no longer drive to Newport to visit because your very old Oldsmobile was on its last wheel.   You need a car she said.  Auntie took care of that.  Soon a new Camry was yours!!!!    Yup    He provided again.

And then there was the time when you "rescued" me from the German shepherd that wouldn't let me walk by his house on Elm Street.   That was only one of the many retreats at the convent.

Your health deteriorated in the past few years.  But you never let that stop you from deepening your spiritual life.
You were always ready to help others when you were able.  Now all we can do is pray for you:

So I ask You dear Lord, to have mercy on Pat's soul, give her joy beyond all understanding.  Forgive all her sins completely, Help her let go of anything still keeping her soul at a distance (if that be so).  Let the smiles of the saints and her own proud guardian angel welcome her into the place we call Heaven. 

Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have mercy on Pat and on the community she leaves to carry on Your message of love to the whole world.