Friday, January 27, 2012

News from Brownsville, Texas

San Antonio is one of the most visited cities in the South of Texas.

Millions of tourists come every year to walk along the River walk, visit the Alamo and remember the history of San Antone's central mission.

      We had the opportunity to visit San Antonio

        and enjoyed one of the most significant arts, cultural and history visit.   

The community was happy to walk, pray,and share together, after a long and busy summer.

The feast of the Epiphany was the best occasion to manifest an appreciation to all the people who serve through the many ministries in St.Mary's Church. 

The ceremony was opened with prayer, followed by dinner and entertainments. 

As members of the parish, our community feels grateful to be able to share our mission with the laity and needy. 


National Association of Community Health Centers brings a variety of workshops around the nation to guide the operation and performance of Health centers.    In November 14 – 16 Sr. Monica Garcia Participated  in the Financial Operations Management & Information Technology Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was a great opportunity to share with member of different Health Center. 

Every week a group of people from St Mary's parish gather to share the word of God and prepare themselves for a mission in different part of Mexico. Sr. Monica Garcia prepared a retreat for them in November 2011.  We went to Rio Grande City in a retreat house, It was an enriching experience of God and a deep sharing as a group.   

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lay Associates delve into the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary

They arrived at the Dighton motherhouse on December 18, 2011 as usual bearing assorted snacks for pre-meeting social. Who? The lay associates ladened with assorted goodies anticipating a special afternoon with waiting sisters and for a “deep-in-advent-meeting” filled with expectations about what spiritual benefits and gifts were in the offing for this day and this Christmas.
The folks from Providence had prepared a deeply penetrating lesson on the Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary.

It was pointed out that each of the mysteries was a lesson in at least one of the seven sacraments. The Wedding at Cana regards matrimony, where Jesus showed the importance of women. It was here where Mary is addressed as “Woman” prefiguring Calvary where Jesus gave his mother to Saint John and to all of us. It is here that Mary says: Do whatever he tells you. (Do we?)

The third mystery: Proclamation of the Kingdom centers around forgiveness (reconciliation) Peter gave personal example of how forgiving others allows one to travel life’s roads more lightly. When others forgive us, we become more tolerant and compassionate. If we hold on to resentment and anger the other person has power over us.

The Rosary is a vital part of Dominican spirituality. With the addition of the Luminous mysteries, the cycle of Salvation history becomes a full circle.

Some say that repetition of the prayers gets boring. But life is full of repetitions­ they don’t get boring. Please, thank you, happy birthday, Merry Christmas- don’t get boring; neither does the rosary since 1214 when it is said the Virgin herself gave it to St. Dominic as a tool to fight heresy. There are far more heresies today. Pray the Rosary.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

News from Guaimaca, Honduras


The Marie Poussepin Center for Comprehensive Formation has been serving the young women from villages of Guaimaca since 2005. It gives the opportunity to young girls who otherwise would not be able to have an education beyond the sixth grade.

It is important to know where the young women come from and what they have to go through, week after week to come to Guaimaca. They make this trip not only on Mondays, to come to the Center, but also on Fridays to return to their families at their village.

They all come from the rural mountainous areas, with beautiful landscapes, through dirt roads. Some of the trip can be done by bus or truck, but very often it means walking for hours to be able to complete the trip.

The sisters went with a driver, familiar with the area, but there were times when the car could not continue, and the choices were either to take a longer route or to continue on foot.

Happily there had not been much rain, otherwise the muddy roads would have made it more difficult.

It was a joy for the sisters to see  some students  from upper grades and to meet their families, as well as to assess the families' living conditions, their needs and what they go through weekly to come to Guaimaca to prepare themselves developing their potential to later help their families.

It is certain for both, Sr. Teresa Maria and Sr. Olga Iris, that these  young women live surrounded by the beauty of nature, but are far from many of the things and facilities we take for granted.However, they are happy and willing to make the necessary sacrifices to improve their lives



Thank you to all our benefactors who make this mission possible year after year.


We are thrillled to welcome Matt Rigby, Christina Martone and Alex Flores from Stonehill College on January 13, 2012 to Guaimaca.