Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dighton Communities went Green Today.

Roof of our Convent with Solar Panels

The Meter was switched on at 3 p.m today.

Gary Cyr, the Contractor putting the switch on while Sr. Marie William enjoys watching him.

Exciting moment to watch the long awaited day!

For more pictures see our website Gallery Solar Album.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

News from Providence Community

Sr. Anne Marie has joined the Diocesan Council for Religious in the Diocese of Providence. The Council has meetings every other month and helps to plan events in the Diocese of Providence. The upcoming event will be the World Day for Consecrated Life which will be celebrated on February 12th at the residence of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. It will include lunch followed by a speaker who will give a talk on a spiritual topic and a special Evening Prayer.
February 19th will be a sad day for the Providence Community. It will be the last Mass celebrated by the Franciscan priests at St. Mary’s Church on Broadway. We have known the Franciscans since we moved to Providence and have grown to know them and appreciate their friendship and service.
On Nov. 7th, they closed St. Francis Chapel which had been open for many years at various locations in Providence and was the place for our daily Mass during the week. We made friends with the people who attended the Mass and also participated in events sponsored by the Franciscans as well as liturgical celebrations. Everyone was upset when the chapel closed due to lack of personnel and financial difficulties. Now for the same reasons, the Franciscans will be leaving St. Mary’s Church which they had taken over from the Diocese of Providence five years ago. In those five years, the parish has grown tremendously and the parishioners are very involved in the parish.

So, on February 19th, we must say goodbye to our good friends as the parish goes back into the hands of the Diocese of Providence.