Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day of Reflection for Lay Associates

        What a sumptuous, gorgeous morning.  Several Lay Associates were able to make the early morning prayer on June 10th with their beloved Sisters and then had time to reflect in the quiet beauty of the morning.  Quiet?   The mockingbirds were in full tune.  Brilliant sun saturated the lawns and as the poet Browning said: “ All is right with the world.”    Even the wild turkeys paid a visit. 

       At ten we gathered in the chapel for a talk by Sister Marina Mejia.  It was the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) and sister had prepared a talk on that subject and invited us to gain a “little deeper insight into the central mystery of our faith.”

      As Sister said:  everything that is noble and great, that deserves our gratitude and total surrender requires preparation.  God explains things very slowly.

Sister Marina then had us slowly consider the first reading of the day and asked us to be aware that very often the first reading of the Mass is a background for the manifestation of God’s action in our life?

    To Moses, after the experience of Sinai the people responded with “All the words God has spoken we will carry out”. Ex 24,4   And every time we say “Amen” at mass we are giving the same affirmation.   

    On Mount Sinai a commitment was made in trust after a long experience of protection, presence and unsuspected kindness, tenderness and attention.  On Sinai the people transitioned from accepting a God to be feared to a fear of the Lord that is made of love respect and trust.

     This first talk, followed by a beautiful mass presided over by Fr. Richard Furlong was a lead in to a day of growth, peace and deeper understanding.  This writer unfortunately was unable to attend the entire day, but because of this wonderful morning the rest of the day became one of joyful celebration with family who had no idea why I was so serenely peaceful and glad to be waiting on my many family members.
A special thanks to Sr. Marina Mejia for sharing her deep, penetrating, and loving insights with us.

Saturday, June 23, 2012


On April 27th we  joined with the group which was responsible for the international night in the basement of the school to help set up the tables and to decorate.
Then on April 28th, the parish of St. Mary’s gathered in the Church at 5 P.M. for an International Mass. It was celebrated by Msgr. Jacques Plante, administrator of the parish, Fr. Charles O’Connor, one of the Franciscans who previously was assigned to the parish, and Fr. McSweeney,SSC, chaplain for the Korean members of the parish.
The liturgy included songs in various languages. The readings were done in Korean and Spanish and the intercessory prayers were also in many languages. Sr. Marina Carrascal did the second reading in Spanish.
Following the Mass, we went over to the school basement for an international meal. The foods were Polish, Irish, Hispanic, French, Korean, Italian, and Phillipino dishes. There were also baked goods for dessert and for sale. Sr. Anne Marie contributed a pineapple upside down cake, a dump cake, and brownies.
For entertainment, there was belly dancing and karaoke. During the karaoke, the audience was asked to participate and Sr. Maria Paulina joined in the singing and dancing group on stage.

It was a parish get together as well as a fund raiser and everyone had a wonderful time. At the close of the evening, we stayed to help clean up before going home. It was an evening to remember.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Be Present-Listen by Ann Y. Moose

 Enjoy reading this beautiful reflection written by one of our firends who wants to remain annonymous.

Erupting with song the birds of the forest proclaim the arrival of life, of spring, of rebirth and hope.

Deep dark brooks bubble over the rocks knowing somehow where to go ----------- a peace place.

A person can get in touch with one’s soul and heart,
Can be reminded of many happenings,
Can relocate their center, their anchor, their compass.

A person once touched in this way grows thirsty for more.
One I know discovered the power of the “lone wild dove in lofty flight”
A skeptic, a doubter, yet wanting so much to believe in the Power.

Hands laid upon the head while the Good Spirit was invoked,
A penetrating fire so warm, loving beginning in the head
And embracing the body. Aware of others, but just wrapped
In an inexpressible embrace.

Peace, total inner silence,
Floated along the concrete never wanting to return to the mundane existence,
But then of course one must return just as Peter, James and John had to come down from the mountain of transfiguration.

Many years passed, but still when the world presents doubts, threatens Faith,
The mind only has to return to that inexplicable moment, grab the anchor, study the compass and spring arrives again with the singing birds proclaiming life, rebirth, and hope.

And their leader is a snow white dove.