Friday, March 14, 2014

A note from Andrea Stephania Lopez (our Postulant)

Tegucigalpa, M.D.C  10/03/14

This year, on March 9th, I have had the opportunity of sharing with the Sisters the feast of my acceptance as postulant in the Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation.  What a joy do I feel! Truly this is a new step in my life, not only for receiving my formation as religious, but also because this road will bring me to find happiness.

I am very grateful to God for having put his eyes in this small and weak sinner! Thank you for your mercy and your call! This is my first: “Yes, Lord, here I am to do your will”.  At the same time I feel very grateful to my family, my friends, my parish community, for their good wishes and for their prayers that are for me a strength to follow the way that helps me to discover God’s will.

Of course, I feel a special gratitude to all the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation for allowing me to be part of their great family, and I say this, because it is what I have felt, they have welcomed me with much love, the love that is manifested in a family. 

Thanks to all of you.  I continue counting on your prayers.

                Andrea S. L√≥pez O.