Monday, March 28, 2016


My experience in Honduras

My first journey out of the United States was to our Missions in Honduras in Guaimaca and Tegucigalpa.  No pictures or conferences could prepare me for what I experienced there.  
We went to visit some families while I was there. The poverty that I witnessed was not like any I had experienced before; no electricity, no running water, mud or dirt for floors, and the list goes on. If I had only looked at what was not there, however, I would have missed the love that these families had for one another, it did not matter whether there were three members or nine members of the family, it was the love and care they had for each other that I will always hold in my heart. The pride they had for their children was very evident as I read many of their accomplishments that were hung on the walls; their first communions, their graduations, and many others.

For two days I helped in our new Dispensary with Sister Maria.  I was humbled by the simplicity, kindness and trust shown to us by our clients.  It truly is for those who have no access to health care because of monetary problems.  Some can pay a small token; others do not even have that, while still others brought homemade cheese, tortillas, etc.  Everyone is treated equally according to their need.
Faith abounds in the people of Honduras.  The churches are almost filled even at a weekday Mass.  Their praise and worship are full of joy and hope.  It is so evident that they put their whole heart, soul and love into each celebration.
All of this I also felt in our school and dispensary in Guaimaca and in our house of formation in Tegucigalpa.  Our Sisters minister to the people of Honduras daily and their presence is very much appreciated by all whose lives are touched by their lives each day.
There is no question for me now what the difference between need and wants.  I want many things at times, but need very few because my inherent needs of food, clothing and shelter are always met.

Living this experience has changed my ideas and views of my everyday life and has increased my Thanksgiving to God for what I do have.  I will always treasure this experience and thank God and my Congregation for allowing me to go on this journey to Honduras.
Sister Lorna Riordan